Film content studio / Cinematographer / Roland Pupupin / vsco.co/pupupin

Compassion For Care

A film by Roland Pupupin | Edit by Cindy van den Hoonaard
Commissioned by Compassion For Care & UMC. St Radboud te Nijmegen. To promote the Dutch Charter Compassion For Care.

Join Compassion For Care / compassionforcare.com

The Dutch initiative Compassion For Care created a charter how compassion and patient participation will continue to give further shape to the future of healthcare in The Netherlands and abroad. This charther was inspired by the international initiative the Charter for Compassion in the U.S. by Karen Armstrong.

The Charter of Compassion for Care is a document that wants to inspire compassion to everyone as the guiding principle to care. Supported by more and more professionals, organizations and governments the Charter of Compassion for Care activates the rule of conduct: to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

The Charter Compassion for Care was presented at TEDxMaastricht on April 4th, 2011. tedxmaastricht.com

Watch the Tedxtalk by Salmaan Sana: youtube.com/watch?v=UxaT-YxQds4&feature=player_embedded

To make the Carther Compassion for Care a reality in healthcare systems please join Compassion For Care and support the movement.

To promote the Charter, I was asked if it was possible to make a short movie about compassion in a few days. Naturally I took the challenge, got a room in the hospital and shoot all the images in two days time.

The dslr, is ideal for this kind of documentary work, it allows me to get very close on the subject.
I have used the Canon5DMII, a glidetrack 75cm, 35mm Carlzeiss 2.0 and the 100mm Canon IS 2.8. All images where shot at the university medical center in Nijmegen 'UMC St Radboud'.
The editing was done by Cindy van den Hoonaard in one day. Without her help I would have never been able to deliver the movie within three days. She is the best! More of her work on vimeo.com/cinnie

I spend most of the time waiting, sometimes even for three hours for a shot of 1 second. Lot of looking and walking around, talking to people and running away from the security ;-) Just kidding. I had official permission.
When you patiently wait and listen to your intuition the images will unfold before you as a gift. You do not make an image, it is always a present.

And that is the reason why I love making films and taking pictures!


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